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Who's Watching Your (Digital) Back?

Posted by Kevin Hill on March 8, 2018




 You receive a call from a potential customer about the luxury car you have posted on craigslist. They say they'll give you cash on the spot since it is only $500. WAIT. $500? Where did that low price come from? You quickly go to your local craigslist market and search for your vehicles. Every single one of them has a $500 price point. As the day goes on, you become flooded with calls from customers asking about the vehicles that are clearly not priced correctly. By the end of the day, you have your "sorry for the inconvenience" messaging down pat.


Think this is a dreamt up scenario? Think again. On February 24th 2018, craigslist had an error that priced thousands of posts in their cars & trucks by dealer section at $500. Thankfully for AutoSweet's dealers, we have a customer success team whose sole purpose is to make sure our customers get the most success they can from our products. A team member discovered the issue, notified our development team, and we had all of our customers' vehicles updated later that day. If you look at the screenshot below, you'll see what that looked like to the consumer. The second post up top is an AutoSweet customer, the others are not.





You have a lot to worry about at your dealership. Making sure that all of your vendors are running your marketing campaigns error free shouldn't be one of them. Be sure you choose a vendor you can trust to give you peace of mind when running your digital marketing campaigns.


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