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3 Simple (and Free) Facebook Marketing Opportunities for Dealerships

Posted by Kevin Hill on May 21, 2018

Facebook is without a doubt the hottest marketing outlet in the automotive space right now. However, many dealers aren't maximizing the value of Facebook. Here are 3 simple ways you can drive real results for your dealership from Facebook, and it won't cost anything more than your time.

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Guest Blog - Opportunity Attribution: 5 Minutes with Sean

Posted by Dave Lemmon on May 14, 2018



Sean Welsh spent over 15 years working in dealerships, becoming an expert on digital marketing and automotive sales and processes. In 2013, Sean founded Car Biz Done Better with the sole purpose of being an advocate to dealers and helping them manage their vendors, evaluate their marketing, and polish their processes to become more efficient, profitable, and sell more cars. Sean has spoken at venues like Driving Sales Executive Summit and was the closing speaker for Digital Dealer 24 in April. 

Sean is passionate about changing a commonplace conversation in Automotive Digital today; Sales Attribution. We at AutoSweet share Sean's belief that sales happen on a showroom floor, appointments are booked in the BDC, and opportunities for both are created by digital marketing. For a dealership to identify their gaps in execution, they have to measure the success of all those processes and not try and attribute a marketing dollar to a sale, missing the rest. Sean's podcast, "5 Minutes with Sean" is a special edition this week to talk about these ideas for AutoSweet's Website.

Check out the video below.

Thanks Sean!

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Facebook Has Your Data - That's Awesome

Posted by Dave Lemmon on April 10, 2018

I get it. We're mad. Facebook probably dove deeper, collected more than they were supposed to. Some people or groups probably used that data for nefarious plots. But really, aren't we all looking to use data...as much of it as we can get...to further our own goals in business today? I know that in automotive digital we certainly are. We want to be more targeted than ever before. We want more clear attribution than ever before. We want to mine, leverage, analyze, and manipulate data on our way to bigger top lines, lower customer acquisition costs, and record ROI. Instead of getting angry, let's just acknowledge that Facebook has a lot of data and make that work for us.

Dealerships have been buying email programs for years that are targeting "in market shoppers" and "auto intenders", and often that data is questionable at best. I tell my clients all the time, if I had a list of 50,000 shoppers who were truly in market for a BMW in a 50 mile radius...I wouldn't sell it, I'd go sell BMW's for a month. Why make 5 grand when I could make 50? The data is vague, incomplete, and misrepresented. What Facebook has gathered is different. They know how I shop online, they know what my interests are, they know what I've shared with friends and family. They know who my friends are, who my ex-friends are, my political views, my religious views, who I'm dating. They know this because I told them. I would hope that someone is smart enough to leverage that. I want to be smart enough to leverage that, and I hope my clients are as well.

Instead of the generic "auto intenders", Facebook provides the opportunity to learn more about your existing customers...and find other people in your DMA that are just like them. They like the same things, make the same money, shop the same way...and at some point are in market for a vehicle. AutoSweet is going to help you leverage that at your dealership. We're going to find those "look a like" shoppers, market to them, and then use your DMS and our certified interface to report on how many of them became your customers, how much income you made on those transactions, and attribute it to an actual click instead of just an impression. We can do this because Facebook has our data...and that's awesome.

Talk to me today to see a demonstration of Facebook Conquest, see the power of data in action and what real attribution can look like.

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Conquest Email Marketing is Cheating (sort of)

Posted by Dave Lemmon on March 29, 2018
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Who's Watching Your (Digital) Back?

Posted by Kevin Hill on March 8, 2018



 You receive a call from a potential customer about the luxury car you have posted on craigslist. They say they'll give you cash on the spot since it is only $500. WAIT. $500? Where did that low price come from? You quickly go to your local craigslist market and search for your vehicles. Every single one of them has a $500 price point. As the day goes on, you become flooded with calls from customers asking about the vehicles that are clearly not priced correctly. By the end of the day, you have your "sorry for the inconvenience" messaging down pat.


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4 Simple Ways to Build Your Business by Keeping Your Customers

Posted by Chris Lentz on January 23, 2018



You spend a lot of money and time acquiring customers. Don't waste it! In this fast paced digital age, where customer allegiance changes with every new offer that comes out, dealerships need to be constantly evaluating their retention programs and looking for ways to keep the customers that they have already acquired.  The key to building relationships is in building trust and keeping your dealership ever present in the consumer’s mind.


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Targeting Better Conquest Marketing Prospects Through Your DMS

Posted by Chris Lentz on November 21, 2017

AutoSweet uses the customers in your DMS to connect to prospects that you’ve never spoken with before.

Gaining traction with people that aren’t familiar with your brand, the product that you sell or whom have never bought from you before can be challenging.  The practice of marketing to those individuals is called Conquest Marketing and it is a necessary component of a complete automotive dealership marketing plan.  

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Dealers are Winning with Facebook, Are You?

Posted by Chris Lentz on September 12, 2017

Dealers 'Like' Facebook for Driving Sales

Auto dealers are driving traffic, sales and brand awareness so successfully with Facebook that some have changed their advertising spend to put more into this channel.  What do they know and how can you get into the action? There are countless resources on how to best advertise on Facebook and it is easy to get lost in them. Below is a clear, concise outline for success that any dealer can follow to start winning Facebook.

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Craigslist Update -- Search Relevancy

Posted by Chris Lentz on September 7, 2017

Craiglist Search Relevency is a Thing of the Past


In August, 2017, Craigslist updated its search algorithm to make WHEN you post the single most important factor in getting eyes on your ads. Some of the primary methods posters have used for years no longer provide any benefit, and your 2 week old post will NOT be on the front page anymore no matter the content. If you are not aware of and using this change to get leads, this is not a nice to have suggestion that you can take or leave, but a very powerful insight that every Craigslist ad poster should make sure they are taking advantage of as soon as possible.  

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Reaching Your Audience

Posted by Chris Lentz on September 5, 2017

Converting web visitors is what all dealers are striving for; you know this is the gateway to increased sales. You are taught over and over again that getting consumers to your Vehicle Detail Pages (VDPs) will increase your leads. You design those pages with offers, calls to actions, and dynamic content in an effort to decrease bounce rates and increase interest in your products which should in turn finally help them convert. These are all good things, but the real question is,

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