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letgo Premier Partner Update

Posted by Dave Lemmon on February 13, 2019

Dave Lemmon introduces some of the newest information on one of our strongest channels, letgo. As the trial period and beta tests come to an end, find out about pricing and the latest on lead delivery in this video.

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Come See Us at NADA 2019

Posted by Dave Lemmon on January 16, 2019

Visit booth 3648S to speak with our team at NADA and learn more about the world's most powerful used vehicle marketing platform.

Take advantage of our show special and get your first month free!

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The Car Biz Chronicles with AutoSweet and Steve Funk

Posted by Dave Lemmon on November 21, 2018

Special thanks to Sean Welsh and Steve Funk for this conversation. There are lessons here for the large, franchise stores. Steve has accomplished that thing I talk about all the time...making A customer HIS customer, with more than half his sales coming from retention and referral. Enjoy!

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Let's Meet in Vegas!

Posted by Dave Lemmon on October 2, 2018



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Guest Blog - Ditching TV and Radio with Paul Potratz

Posted by Dave Lemmon on August 6, 2018

Paul Potratz tells the story of a dealer who broke all the rules. When he stops spending on paid video and creates his own show, promoting it on social, he not only sees amazing engagement but saves thousands of dollars. This is revolutionary digital marketing.

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Guest Blog - Everything You Need to Know About Leveraging AI in all its Glory with Ilana Shabtay

Posted by Dave Lemmon on July 9, 2018

Automotive AI

By now we’ve all gotten used to the fact that artificial intelligence machines are watching our every move. It’s not even that we’re resigned to it– we welcome it. Most people would probably admit that if they’re buying a cellphone on Amazon, suggestions for a matching case and screen protector are actually really helpful. And think how much time you save if an online grocery store remembers your last order and can automatically fill your cart with the items it predicts you’ll want.

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You Don't Know Craig

Posted by Dave Lemmon on June 20, 2018

I get asked at least daily now, "can you post our inventory on Facebook Marketplace?" (spoiler alert: no). Today, I was thinking about what that question really is: "Can you post my lower priced, used inventory on a market style website with tons of visitors local to my store?". Yes, yes I can. The problem is, too many dealers don't think the original marketplace has value. Here's the thing...they're wrong.

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Guest Blog - How To Set Google Analytics Goals with Dane Saville

Posted by Dave Lemmon on June 11, 2018


Dane Saville is a Founding Partner and Brand Manager for Reunion Marketing in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he has continued to develop the craft of content creation with a focus on automotive digital marketing. Reunion Marketing is a full service digital marketing agency with a focus on automotive dealerships and healthcare professionals and specializing in SEO, SEM, Social, Content, and Re-Targeting.


Setting Your Dealership’s Google Analytics Goals 101


Your dealership’s Google Analytics account is live and ready for action. The next step is knowing how to measure — and eventually benchmark — the data points most important to your business objectives.


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Why Dealers Should Integrate Texting in Their Marketing Solutions

Posted by Curtis Lyles on May 25, 2018


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3 Simple (and Free) Facebook Marketing Opportunities for Dealerships

Posted by Kevin Hill on May 21, 2018

Facebook is without a doubt the hottest marketing outlet in the automotive space right now. However, many dealers aren't maximizing the value of Facebook. Here are 3 simple ways you can drive real results for your dealership from Facebook, and it won't cost anything more than your time.

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