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How To Stay Top Of Mind During The Purchase Cycle

Posted by Jameson Frere on July 1, 2019



Website visitors who are retargeted with ads after the visit are 70% more likely to convert, compared to those that aren’t. Your website is your online storefront and a crucial part of your dealership. As much as we all want to keep traffic there until they decide to make a purchase, that’s just not reality. The good news is there’s something you can do to stay top of mind during the purchase cycle and it’s easier than you think!

Consider giving retargeting a shot. Have you ever been shopping for a pair of shoes on Amazon? Does it ever seem that pair of shoes may be following you around online after for a bit? That’s retargeting. 99% of the time shoppers don’t take the action we want them to online. They don’t pick up that phone to call and they don’t fill out that finance application on your site. Great news, we can help! AutoSweet will keep you and your vehicles top of mind while that shopper has already viewed your VDP and is in market for your vehicle. As part of our used vehicle marketing platform, SweetClassifieds, we’re able to follow consumers around top sites they visit, with the exact vehicle they were looking at over the next 30 days. In fact, AutoSweet’s retargeting ads outperform industry standards at 9X the average click through rate and are only 13% of the average cost per click. With AutoSweet, you’re ads are going to be seen more frequently and receive higher interaction at a lower cost!

Stop losing leads to one and done views online and contact your Digital Consultant today to get setup with VIN specific retargeting.

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