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Vlog Series: #3 | Conquest Email & Offline Sales

Posted by Jameson Frere on October 28, 2020

Vlog Series: #3 | Conquest Email & Sales

Conquest Email Marketing

ROI You Can See In Real-Time

We want to chat about an effective but often overlooked branding method for your dealership, Conquest Email Marketing. Listen to AutoSweet Founder and President, Chris Lentz discuss the three ways we track and measure website Traffic, Leads and Sales matched back offline, verified by your DMS from Conquest Email Marketing.

How are you getting in front of high quality prospects that have not bought vehicles from you yet? Learn about first-party data, an omnichannel approach to marketing and more in under four minutes right now!

Call AutoSweet at 614-908-2818 or email sales@autosweet.com for more information about Conquest Email Marketing for your automotive dealership and start driving more Traffic, Leads and Sales!



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