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43% Of Used Car Buyers Visit Just One Dealer; Is It Yours?

Posted by Jameson Frere on June 24, 2019



With more activity happening online than ever, it’s no surprise that research on vehicles ahead of a purchase is through the roof. Casting a wide net is great for exposure purposes but having a targeted strategy behind it is even better. Are you currently doing both?

AutoSweet is able to do both with the proprietary technology behind our used vehicle marketing platform, SweetClassifieds. We’ve put together an industry leading six channel platform, that casts a net wide enough to place you where and when shoppers are doing research but targeted enough to make sure we’re appealing to buyers with intent.

If 43% of used car buyers are setting foot on just one lot, it begs the question, is it yours? Needing to diversify your online budget is more important than ever. One of the best features of our used vehicle marketing platform is the ability to diversify your budget across six channels under just one service. Not only that but a recent study taken found that dealers on our SweetClassifieds program average a cost of just $8 per lead. Dominate your local market, track progress and review results with your dedicated Client Team.

Contact AutoSweet today for more information and be part of the dealerships that own the 43% of one stop shoppers!

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