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Targeting Better Conquest Marketing Prospects Through Your DMS

Posted by Chris Lentz on November 21, 2017
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Targeting Better Conquest Marketing Prospects Through Your DMS

AutoSweet uses the customers in your DMS to connect to prospects that you’ve never spoken with before.

Gaining traction with people that aren’t familiar with your brand, the product that you sell or whom have never bought from you before can be challenging.  The practice of marketing to those individuals is called Conquest Marketing and it is a necessary component of a complete automotive dealership marketing plan.  

Why Conquest?

Mainly because you want new customers for your customer retention programs.  With the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) being in the six figures for most automotive dealerships, acquiring new customers that you can market service to, gain referrals from and sell additional vehicles to over time is critical.

Step #1: Who are your Customers?

The first aspect of developing a good Conquest marketing campaign is to understand your current customer:

  • What kind of individuals currently find your product valuable?
    Do your products tend to attract a certain age or gender?  How about individuals within specific industries?  Are they single or married?
  • What are your customer’s spending habits?
    Do they normally own a home?  Do they finance most of their purchases or do the tend to pay cash?  What are the typical incomes of your customers?
  • Where do they live?
    Your buyers are rarely just in a flat circle around your dealership.  You tend to sell to certain neighborhoods more frequently than others; finding those purchasing zip codes and targeting them is crucial.
  • What are your customers’ vehicle Interests?
    What types of vehicles do they buy, what do they trade in and what do they have serviced?

Amazing Things are Found in Your DMS

AutoSweet is a certified DMS vendor and trusted by companies like CDK Global, Reynolds and Reynolds, PBS, AutoSoft and DealerTrack (formerly Arkona) to access their systems through certified partnerships.  We’ve been in the automotive DMS integration business for years and we understand these systems and the data within better than any vendor in this space.  DMS integration is essential to email marketing for many reasons, but the first is that by analyzing and comparing your data to available public data sources we gain a deep understand who your customer is.  At AutoSweet, we mine your DMS data, we look for the points of data that will identify your lookalike customer and run them through our analysis process.  We put them through a different lens and compare against trusted big data providers like Data is Experian, InfoGroup, KBMGroup, Personicx, Acxiom, Epsilon, Datalogix, Polk, Facebook and Google.  These providers help us marry the DMS view with your target customer and it’s only through this integration that you can get a true picture of who to Conquest.

The Lookalike Plan

Now that you've analyzed your DMS data, you know what your customers look like. We target them and create a hyper focused Conquest Audience data set that will optimize the likelihood of a purchase.

Find the right customers for your automotive email marketing campaign

The Results

They really do speak for themselves.  When you target the right audience, you can drive increased sales through intelligence.  And because AutoSweet is a certified DMS partner, we can measure the success of these Conquest campaigns on a daily basis, so that you don’t have to wait 90 days to see if your email marketing spend is producing the results that you want.

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