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7 Steps To Beat Carvana At Their Own Game

Posted by Jameson Frere on June 1, 2020

Picking From A Vending Machine Can Be Overwhelming, So Take Advantage Of It

With their multi-story car vending machines, Carvana has changed the way some shop for a vehicle but as noted here, a lot of people prefer a more personal approach.

Here are seven steps to compete at a local level and utilize the resources you have in 2020:


1. Smarter marketing:

While you were in quarantine, Carvana was boosting their advertising on Facebook, YouTube and Connected TV to drive traffic and branding.

AutoSweet’s online marketing services can ensure you are generating high quality, cost effective website traffic, leads and sales without overspending your budget. 

2. Identify minor imperfections with the vehicle:

All vehicles have small issues. Build trust by calling them out ahead of time. Some lot services companies offer inspection reports to help with that. Depending on your location, we may be able to assist with recommendations. 


3. Competitively price your vehicles:

AutoSweet includes a pricing analysis tool with our Inventory Marketing solution. Our Consultants can share live examples if you are interested. 


4. Use your phone for live video walkarounds or appraising trades:

By now we are all experts in using Zoom, Facetime & Google Meet. Use that expertise! Turn your shopping experience into something fun and informative. 


5. Free pickup and delivery:

I know this sounds easier than what it is to actually implement. RedCap has some reasonable services to assist. We are happy to connect you with them. There’s nothing in it for us other than seeing your dealership succeed. 


6. Partner with a few ASE certified mechanics:

Offer a free inspection to build confidence in the vehicle. You might even be able to get them to do it for free or a six-pack of their favorite beverage every now and then.


7. Manage your reputation:

Yes, this means replying to ALL Facebook and Google reviews within 24 hours, which AutoSweet can help with of course. It also means sharing tons of great things you're doing in the community on your website. Many dealerships sponsor charity events, buy jerseys for little league teams and even help deliver food. All these matter and establish your dealership as a local pillar in the community, not some large chain. 

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