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Letgo Shutting Down At The End Of August

Posted by Jameson Frere on July 29, 2020

Letgo To Shut Down At The End Of August

Here's What It Means For Your Dealership

OfferUp Absorbs Letgo



OfferUp announced back on March 25th of this year that they began the process of acquiring competing marketplace app, Letgo. Until recently it's been uncertain exactly what that has meant for both apps. AutoSweet, being a proud, premiere partner with both OfferUp and Letgo, has now learned that OfferUp will be migrating users to their platform by the end of August. 

If you're a current Letgo customer and have not spoken with your Digital Marketing Consultant at AutoSweet, contact us directly as we're working through options for each dealership independently.

Our main line is 614-459-3558 or sales@autosweet.com to discuss options moving forward. We're excited to continue to provide transparency to each of our clients about our partners and what the future holds.  


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