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Guest Blog - Ditching TV and Radio with Paul Potratz

Posted by Dave Lemmon on August 6, 2018

Paul Potratz tells the story of a dealer who broke all the rules. When he stops spending on paid video and creates his own show, promoting it on social, he not only sees amazing engagement but saves thousands of dollars. This is revolutionary digital marketing.



About Paul Potratz

I’m Paul Potratz, CEO and owner of Potratz. I’ve spent the last two decades building strong companies with non-traditional marketing strategies, while simultaneously doing the same for myself. When I started out in 2003, I struggled to find ideas and information I could act on quickly that didn't require hiring more people; information that would help me become a better leader, business owner and marketer. I did not want theories or disguised sales pitches but actionable, real life solutions! That's why I've dedicated a large part of my profession to creating content for business owners and dealers looking for answers. Today I help my clients & followers become well known in their industry and market so they can build trust, loyalty and sales through video and social media. It's worked for me, therefore it can work for anyone.

Topics: Marketing