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Google Now Allowing Lead Forms Search Page!

Posted by Jameson Frere on February 12, 2021

Google Just Announced A Brand New Lead Form Feature The Automotive Industry Has Been Waiting For


It's officially out of the beta stage and AutoSweet is excited to announce a brand new product feature in conjunction with our Google Dynamic Search Ads! As a Google Partner specializing in Google Search Ads, we're now offering lead form extensions when someone clicks the headline of the search ad.

 Google Lead Form Ads from AutoSweet are a major win for dealerships and a big reason why is the way dealers are notified about the new Google leads.

AutoSweet is able to set up a webhook integration and push a lead from the Google Search Results Page directly to your CRM at the dealership without you having to lift a finger! You will be notified and sent these new leads exactly the way you're used to. Online marketing for your dealership is complicated, but it doesn't have to be. To hear more about this brand new ad type from Google for FREE, contact a Digital Marketing Consultant by calling AutoSweet at 614-908-2818 or email Marketing@AutoSweet.com  

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For questions about AutoSweet, call us at 614-908-2818 or email sales@autosweet.com 



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