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What Are Lead Form Extensions On Google And How Do They Work?

Posted by Jameson Frere on December 10, 2019



What Are Lead Form Extensions On Google And What Do They Mean For Your Dealership?


Taking a note from Facebook, Google has begun testing Lead Form Extensions on their search ads. When consumers are signed into their Google account and tap a CTA on the search ad a business is running with Google Ads, they’ll reach a lead form with their contact information already auto populated. Google automatically pulls this information from the user’s Google account, basic info like: name, phone number, email address and zip code. 


What does this mean for you and your dealership? There are a multitude of problems these ad extensions can help solve but I want to take a specific look at two of them: 

  1. Quality: Let’s face it, information can get lost in translation. Having pre-populated information directly from the shopper’s Google account for your sales staff or BDC lowers the risk of misspelled names or wrong phone digits entered into your CRM.
  2. Quantity: Ease of use for the shopper means more leads, especially from mobile with easy to use CTAs like 'Apply Now’ or ‘Get Offer.’ Because it can be difficult to fill out forms on a phone (Facebook recognized this several years ago when they started Lead Ads) it’s not only a win for the consumer but the dealership running the search ads on Google. 

The bottom line here is, if your dealership is not taking advantage of Google Lead Form Extensions, you should be. When we look at quality and quantity, expect more of both from these ad extensions. Automotive digital can be challenging but it doesn’t have to be. If you need help running these types of campaigns or other forms of online advertising in the ever changing digital landscape, contact an expert like the ones we have here at AutoSweet.

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