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Facebook Has Your Data - That's Awesome

Posted by Dave Lemmon on April 10, 2018


I get it. We're mad. Facebook probably dove deeper, collected more than they were supposed to. Some people or groups probably used that data for nefarious plots. But really, aren't we all looking to use data...as much of it as we can get...to further our own goals in business today? I know that in automotive digital we certainly are. We want to be more targeted than ever before. We want more clear attribution than ever before. We want to mine, leverage, analyze, and manipulate data on our way to bigger top lines, lower customer acquisition costs, and record ROI. Instead of getting angry, let's just acknowledge that Facebook has a lot of data and make that work for us.

Dealerships have been buying email programs for years that are targeting "in market shoppers" and "auto intenders", and often that data is questionable at best. I tell my clients all the time, if I had a list of 50,000 shoppers who were truly in market for a BMW in a 50 mile radius...I wouldn't sell it, I'd go sell BMW's for a month. Why make 5 grand when I could make 50? The data is vague, incomplete, and misrepresented. What Facebook has gathered is different. They know how I shop online, they know what my interests are, they know what I've shared with friends and family. They know who my friends are, who my ex-friends are, my political views, my religious views, who I'm dating. They know this because I told them. I would hope that someone is smart enough to leverage that. I want to be smart enough to leverage that, and I hope my clients are as well.

Instead of the generic "auto intenders", Facebook provides the opportunity to learn more about your existing customers...and find other people in your DMA that are just like them. They like the same things, make the same money, shop the same way...and at some point are in market for a vehicle. AutoSweet is going to help you leverage that at your dealership. We're going to find those "look a like" shoppers, market to them, and then use your DMS and our certified interface to report on how many of them became your customers, how much income you made on those transactions, and attribute it to an actual click instead of just an impression. We can do this because Facebook has our data...and that's awesome.

Talk to me today to see a demonstration of Facebook Conquest, see the power of data in action and what real attribution can look like.

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