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Beyond Surprising! Facebook's User Demographics For 2021

Posted by Clark Cogan on December 17, 2020

How Many Adults, In What Income Bracket, Are Using What Platform, How Many Times Per Day?



If It Sounds Confusing...It Is!

Listen To Our Own Clark Cogan To Get The Inside Scoop.

Within the past three years, Facebook has been continuously putting more focus on supporting the automotive industry through their ad platform. This has really taken the main stage through 2020 and has been massively successful in producing traffic, leads, and sales for auto dealers. From a data driven perspective, it is unmatched in the digital arena as an efficient use of marketing budgets to reach in-market shoppers. As we prepare to head into 2021, there is some very important information to take into consideration when planning your marketing budget, and especially the prospect of doing more with Facebook.


  1. Pew research from last year shows us that Facebook and Instagram boast a combined market share of roughly 70 to 80% of US adults using one or both of these social media apps.
  2. What is even more remarkable is that 3 out of 4 of Facebook and Instagram users are visiting the app every single day!
  3. When looking at demographics, the 50-64 and 64+ age groups are among the fastest growing on Facebook since 2018. 
There's much more to talk about with Facebook, Instagram and cutting edge social advertising practices for 2021. To learn how your dealership can take simple steps yourself or dive into more complex strategies, like reaching an audience you haven't yet on Facebook call 614-908-2818 or email sales@autosweet.com 



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