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COVID-19 Means More Time Online, More Opportunity

Posted by Jameson Frere on March 17, 2020

In the midst of more and more Americans separating themselves from the outside, comes the fact that the world doesn’t stop turning. Though a lot of the country has been asked to keep ‘social distance’ from one another, it doesn’t necessarily mean that work stops. After this past weekend, a good majority of America is cooped up their homes, isolated from friends and family, many being asked to work remotely. 


Being social is only human nature, people are trying to keep in touch and the most convenient way to do that right now is through major social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. With Spring just about to peak it’s head out and a healthy amount of tax refunds still on the way, AutoSweet wanted to do a deep dive into our dealer’s analytics to get a true sense of what’s happening right now. We help drive website traffic, leads and sales multiple ways, so we wanted to take a look first hand and see what type of affect ‘social distancing’ has had on our dealers thus far. 

Comparing the first two weeks in February of this year, to the first two weeks in March, here’s what we discovered:

  • In terms of quality of website traffic, from Google Analytics, nearly all of our dealers saw an increase in: number of website sessions, number of conversions from our Dynamic Search Ads on Google, pages viewed per session and session duration.
  • When it came to leads, from Facebook and Instagram, our dealers have seen an increase in ads served across both platforms by over 16% and an increase in clicks on those ads by 15.7%.
  • There is no doubt that sales are down, but we can measure the effectiveness of the channel and show you in real time whether your efforts are working. Because of all this extra time being spent online, we’re able to help our dealers gather the data they need NOW. We want them to be the first dealership thought of when it’s time for the buyer to make that sought after purchase in the next couple of  weeks. 

There has never been a better time to retarget and follow shoppers across platform and device! Here at AutoSweet we’re seeing proof of that first hand, by taking a granular look into the analytics of our dealers. We want you to be certain that you have a long term partner committed to helping your business, in uncertain times.

Topics: Google, Facebook, Marketing, PPC