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Leverage Click-To-Marketplace Ads Now For Labor Day Weekend

Posted by Jameson Frere on August 19, 2020

Facebook's Click-To-Marketplace Ads Just In Time For Labor Day


Quality Messenger Conversations For Less Money


You likely know by now that AutoSweet has partnered with Facebook and is proudly serving Click-To-Marketplace Ads within Facebook Marketplace on behalf of our valued dealers. This is the first time your dealership has been able to 'pay to play' within Marketplace and can now promote inventory within the platform. 

With Click-To-Marketplace Ads from AutoSweet, its never been easier to generate more high quality conversations, at a lower cost just in time for your Labor Day weekend event!

We already know that this ad set has significant advantages, here are a few reasons to try Click-To-Marketplace Ads and direct traffic to the Marketplace VDP rather than a website or landing page: 

1) It keeps the user within the Facebook app without bouncing them to different pages or browsers so it's a good user experience.

2) Because users are being kept within the Facebook app and Facebook is continually updating their app, it's a blazing fast loading experience. Consumers are more likely to take action when they're not waiting on a website or landing page to load.

3) People know and trust Facebook Messenger, it feels secure and private to the individual. 

4) Your dealership is now able to retarget to those viewing your vehicles on Facebook Marketplace. Meaning, you can follow those around who have specifically already viewed your Marketplace VDPs, keeping your vehicles top of mind throughout their purchase cycle. 

5) Using AutoSweet's Unified Messaging Platform means you're able to answer prospect's questions from the Marketplace VDP  in real-time. Your entire staff is able to respond without the hassle of logging in and out of the Messenger app. You're able to add as many or few users on the AutoSweet Unified Messaging Platform as you would like, without giving your entire staff the risky access to your Facebook page. 

6) Cost. AutoSweet's campaigns have been driving traffic to the Marketplace VDP for an average of just .03¢ per click!

Don't be left behind this Labor Day, ask yourself if driving more quality leads for less is important to your dealership. If it is, call 614-962-6188 or email sales@autosweet.com



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