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Automotive Marketing Strategy: Branding - Tell Consumers Why They Should Buy from You

Posted by Chris Lentz on August 1, 2019
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Be proactive about telling your prospects why they should buy from you.  Many consumers are researching or thinking about the idea of purchasing a vehicle for three to six months prior to pulling the trigger; 78% of them don’t know where they will buy within 3 months of their purchase(1) .  You need to use that time to influence their decision and regularly remind them of your brand.

Google and AutoSweet both understand the customer journey and we want to help dealership’s brand at the right time.  When a consumer is searching for ‘car dealerships near me’, are they seeing your specials in your GMB account and is your website ranking well locally?

Facebook Studies highlight the relevance of social media to the buying process, when consumers are thinking about a vehicle purchase 78% of them find social media content useful and 64% of women and 51% of men said advertisements helped them discover new automobiles(2).  Is your brand and message in front of the consumers when they are at this part of their buying journey?


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