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Kevin Hill

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4 Reasons You Should Have Been Using Bing Ads Yesterday

Posted by Kevin Hill on July 11, 2019

It is no secret that Google.com dominates the search engine market share. Regularly hovering around 85% to 89% of all monthly searches performed in the U.S., having a solid Google Ads campaign setup is crucial to your online advertising success.

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Topics: Marketing, PPC

The Value of Craigslist Posting Just Went Up

Posted by Kevin Hill on May 17, 2019

Years ago, craigslist made a change to its posting system that shook up the landscape of the "cars & trucks - by dealer" section. They started charging $5 for every vehicle ad that you wanted to put up. While this news was originally frowned upon by many dealers, they quickly came to realize there was a very positive side effect: gone were the days of dealers spamming the same vehicles hundreds of times a week. The "cars & trucks - by dealer" section was transformed over the next 30 days, as spam posts were moved down the list, to the more user friendly ad space it is today.

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3 Simple (and Free) Facebook Marketing Opportunities for Dealerships

Posted by Kevin Hill on May 21, 2018

Facebook is without a doubt the hottest marketing outlet in the automotive space right now. However, many dealers aren't maximizing the value of Facebook. Here are 3 simple ways you can drive real results for your dealership from Facebook, and it won't cost anything more than your time.

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Who's Watching Your (Digital) Back?

Posted by Kevin Hill on March 8, 2018



 You receive a call from a potential customer about the luxury car you have posted on craigslist. They say they'll give you cash on the spot since it is only $500. WAIT. $500? Where did that low price come from? You quickly go to your local craigslist market and search for your vehicles. Every single one of them has a $500 price point. As the day goes on, you become flooded with calls from customers asking about the vehicles that are clearly not priced correctly. By the end of the day, you have your "sorry for the inconvenience" messaging down pat.


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Topics: SweetClassifieds, Craigslist