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Are You Getting the Reporting You Deserve?

Posted by Jameson Frere on July 8, 2019



You already know that having transparency and visibility into what’s happening with your marketing is extremely important. With so many different avenues and vendors available it can be tough to know where to spend your marketing dollars, how much and if it’s being effective. PDFs and paper reports are great but what if you want to check how your latest campaign is performing after just a few days or a week? Often times quarterly or monthly check-ins aren’t enough, in this day and age real-time has become the standard.

AutoSweet is proud to provide 24/7 transparency and clarity with up to the minute analytics through our dealer dashboard which gives you things like how many times your ad has been viewed (impressions), how many times its been interacted with (clicks), the cost of an ad, phone, text/chat and email leads broken down by source. AutoSweet will even tell you what your response rate is to Facebook Marketplace ads and how quickly you’re responding to them. Because AutoSweet is relationship based you don’t have to worry about deciphering all the numbers alone, your dedicated Client Team is here to walk you through them as often or as little as you’d like.

You’re too busy and work too hard to leave something like your marketing results to chance. Upgrade your digital efforts and take advantage of 24/7 transparent reporting from AutoSweet, contact your us today to get started!

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