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4 Reasons You Should Have Been Using Bing Ads Yesterday

Posted by Kevin Hill on July 11, 2019


It is no secret that Google.com dominates the search engine market share. Regularly hovering around 85% to 89% of all monthly searches performed in the U.S., having a solid Google Ads campaign setup is crucial to your online advertising success.

Many of our clients, however, only use Google Ads for their PPC presence. If you are in a similar situation, read below to see why you need to leverage Bing Ads.


1. Bing Ads Serves to Most Non-Google Search Sites

The objection most often mentioned about expanding PPC ads beyond Google was this: You would have to manage several different accounts, each of which only covered at most 7% of search market share. The time spent managing accounts vs. return on dollars spent made it financially nonviable for most companies.

In March, Yahoo Gemini (Oath) merged into Bing Ads, allowing advertisers to target the next 4 highest search engines in terms of market share (Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, MSN), all under 1 advertiser account. This means you can now advertise to what is effectively 100% of online searchers while managing only 2 accounts.

Hate the thought of managing even 2 advertiser accounts? Read on...


2. Import Campaigns Directly from Google Ads into Your Bing Ads Account

Google is king of search, and Microsoft knows it. That is why they modeled their account structure similarly to Google's, and then created a campaign import tool. Don't waste time copying and pasting all the keyword lists you worked so hard to perfect: let the computer do it for you!


3. Bing Ads serves search ads to syndication partner sites.

You've undoubtedly performed a search on a website that wasn't Google or Bing (like a blog site, for example). Many of these sites use companies like Google or Bing to drive their search results. Bing Ads allows you to advertise on sites that are driven by Bing, Yahoo, etc, if you wish, to reach an even larger audience.

Bing Ads will also target sites specifically related to your keywords. For example, many of the sites AutoSweet gets hits from are automotive specific blogs / search engines. We didn't have to do anything special to set it up, Bing Ads took care of it for us.


4. Fewer Advertisers = Lower Bids

We talked above about how much of a pain it used to be to manage multiple ad accounts. This means that the user base for Bing Ads is significantly smaller than that of Google Ads. You can use this to your advantage.

On average, we've seen that advertisers are spending 50% less for the same keywords on Bing Ads compared to their Google Ads counterpart, and the 50% number transfers through to the CPC metric as well.

In the auto industry, we all care about one advertising metric the most: Leads. We've also seen that Google Ads conversions cost a whopping 240% more than conversions generated from Bing Ads.

AutoSweet and our clients are all aboard the Bing Ads train, are you?


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